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This top expert on intellectual property issues and contractual disputes just secured a notable victory for UMG and Beastie Boys in another copyright infringement suit. He also won an eight-figure jury verdict last year in a success for EMI in the MP3tunes case, and a high-profile win in the Grooveshark case. “My most gratifying victory was the Greenfield v Philles case because it went on for 15 years, involved very unsympathetic facts, and involved overcoming adverse rulings at the trial and initial appellate levels before finally prevailing.”

I listened to Fretwork’s In Nomine—16th C. English Music for consort of viols and Second Service & Consort Anthems.
Everyday, when I walk, before I sleep, I listen to music.
Recently, I have been listening to Gustav Leonhardt and Fretwork.
Although sometimes I do like to shuffle my library.

Along with many former Motown artists, she signed with Ian Levine 's Motorcity Records in the 1980s, releasing the single "Signal Your Intention", which peaked at #1 in the UK Hi-NRG charts. It was followed by the album Investigate (1990), which included some re-recordings of her Motown hits as well as new material. A second album for the label, Talking Loud (1992), was never released, although all the songs were included on the compilation The Best Of Kim Weston (1996).

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Levine founded bands, including: Seventh Avenue , which featured two members of Big Fun ; Optimystic ; and Bad Boys Inc . During this period, Levine also maintained a friendship and rivalry with Simon Cowell . [15] In 2010 Levine formed a new boy band called " Inju5tice ". After the commercial failure of debut "A Long Long Way From Home" the band and Levine split, and the band relaunched itself as ELi'Prime .

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Various - Ian Levine's Solid Stax SensationsVarious - Ian Levine's Solid Stax SensationsVarious - Ian Levine's Solid Stax SensationsVarious - Ian Levine's Solid Stax Sensations