Javine - surrender

Fiona had however become successful at the expense of her sensual nature. She had become sensible instead of sensual, though she rarely felt a pang of need or regret. Yet. In years to come this could lead to an inability to enjoy sex, men, and relationships properly. The Stranger sensed this as soon as he saw the lovely Fiona. He decided to free her. And to that that, he would first have to capture her.

“I am so terribly sorry! Please allow me to buy you another drink!” I responded, and managed to catch her angry, beautiful blue eyes with my gaze. Click. I locked onto her, and began to send my messages of control and surrender.

Now That's What I Call Music! 56 or Now 56 was released in 2003. The album is the 56th edition of the Now! series in the United Kingdom.

Javine - SurrenderJavine - SurrenderJavine - SurrenderJavine - Surrender